Spotlight On Growth: Randy Hangers

Before Randy Hangers merged with Mainetti Group Americas, it was one of the top three producers of garment hangers in the USA. The East Rutherford, New Jersey-based company produced a full line of specialty hangers and served a wide range of clients, including Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, and T.J. Maxx.

Randy Hangers achieved impressive growth in the two years we worked with them and sold to Mainetti in year 3 for a high ROI.

Ellen Stein, Randy Hangers’ founder and CEO, had participated in a series of webinars presented by Jana Matthews and sponsored by the Women Presidents’ Organization. Soon afterwards, she engaged The Jana Matthews Group to help Randy Hangers develop a plan for growth. After an initial assessment, we worked closely with the Randy Hangers Executive Team to create the cornerstones for growth — the mission, values, and vision of the company — and then develop the company’s planning process and the plan itself. Once the plan was finalized, we coached Ellen, the CEO, on a monthly basis and returned to the company for quarterly meetings with the Executive Team to track progress, make course corrections, and fix problems getting in the way of further growth.

Over the next year, Randy Hangers forged ahead and achieved double-digit growth. Using the planning process we developed for them, Ellen and her Executive Team developed a set of priorities for the company, turned those into a plan, and then executed. Ellen Stein was able to grow the company, and then sell it to the Mainetti Group, where she became the CEO of Mainetti Group Americas. She wrote, “Our experience with Jana has been nothing short of miraculous. I needed someone to advise and guide me as my business grew. I found her. Hats off to Jana. She does what she says she will do.”

In Their Own Words

We have achieved our initial goals and built a finely honed team, committed to continuous growth. As we plan for future development, I believe The Jana Matthews Group will continue to provide a high level of direction and support that will help us continue our growth.
Ellen Stein, (retired) CEO of Mainetti Group Americas

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