Building The Awesome Organization

"Building The Awesome Organization provides leaders and entrepreneurs with valuable tools for navigating the storms of growth." — Gary Hoover, Founder, Hoover's Inc.

Lessons From The Edge

“Business is the ultimate challenge. Lessons from the Edge tells the true stories of victories and challenges in business. Page after page you’ll read about the passion, courage, persistence and vision — all essential elements of success. Lessons from the Edge helps you navigate through the rough seas of business."
— Phillipe Kahn, founding CEO of Borland, currently CEO of Fullpower Technologies.

Leading at the Speed of Growth

"Leading at the Speed of Growth is to entrepreneurial leadership what Geoff Moore's Crossing the Chasm was to high tech marketing." — Tom Byers, Professor, Stanford University, and Author of Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise

Insights from Jana Matthews, Founder and CEO

The Five Levels of Delegation (PDF)

Your company can't grow unless you — and your managers — understand how to delegate. Smart delegation helps develop the next generation of company leaders, and frees the current leaders to grow the company. Download PDF »

Key Questions for CEOs Making The Transition To Rapid Growth (PDF)

Are you ready to grow? In order to achieve Rapid Growth, a CEO needs to establish the company’s direction, put a strong team in place, create a process for planning, and take on a brand new set of roles and challenges. Download PDF »

The Three Stages Of Growth

by Jana Matthews, Founder and CEO, The Jana Matthews Group

A leader of a growth company has very different roles at each stage of growth. If you don’t evolve as your company grows, you may find yourself being one of the biggest obstacles to growth!

Learn more about all three stages...and your changing roles and responsibilities as CEO at each stage in this Spotlight On Growth article. Download PDF »

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