Pear Tree

Strategic and Operational Planning

A strategic plan is the roadmap to growth. Sustaining profitable growth, however, requires an ongoing planning process that will enable you to track progress and make course corrections when performance lags or new opportunities arise.

By clarifying your company’s mission, values, vision, goals and strategies we begin building a strong foundation for growth. Using our proven process and planning tools, we help you and your team develop a strategic plan, and then involve others in the creation of operational plans that support the strategy. Finally we help you link employee performance to the plan, measure progress, and make adjustments, as needed.

Our planning process goes beyond the creation of a strategic plan. Throughout the year, we help you:

  • Align plans from all departments
  • Link plans to budgets
  • Implement the plan
  • Measure and track results on a regular basis
  • Keep the plan flexible
  • Hold people accountable
  • Make changes when necessary

Ready to develop a plan and a process for success? Contact us to learn more about our strategic and operational planning for your business.