A Book For and By Chief Executives

I am writing a new book with Jeff Katz, former CEO and Chairman of Mercury Payment Systems. I’ve written seven books, and when Jeff suggested this project, I cringed at the thought.  Writing a book is HARD WORK! But Jeff noted that the books I had written or co-authored were about how to lead a growth company, build an awesome organization, and recover from bad decisions that threaten to take the company over the edge.  He argued that I needed to write a book about how to grow top line revenue.  Based on recent experience, I knew he was right!

The last five CEOs I’ve worked with have all struggled with “how to choose the most appropriate go-to-market strategy (ies)” for their products or services. By the time I got involved, they had already spent a lot of time and money trying to penetrate the wrong market – or had been using the wrong mix of channels to reach their target market.

Jeff, on the other hand, figured this out early at Mercury.  He chose a non-traditional go-to-market strategy that catapulted Mercury, in six years, from nowhere to the ranks of the top twenty credit card processors in the world. I began working with Mercury when they had 30 employees and continued working with them for three years – until they had almost 300 employees. I – and everyone who worked with Jeff  - learned to think differently about channels and markets.

In spite of Mercury’s success, Jeff and I decided our book would not be about Mercury (although that is a great story), but about what  a CEO needs to think about when choosing and implementing  a successful go to-market strategy that creates big fast growth for the company.

We also decided this should be a book written in collaboration with its readers so that others who have stories, lessons learned and useful comments about go-to-market strategies for fast growth can contribute to the book.  The chapters of the book, which we’re calling Big Fast Growth (www.BigFastGrowth.com) will be written in sequence with each posted on our site.  We want people to comment on each post, post videos or tell us stories of their own  experiences, e.g., why they chose a particular strategy, how they implemented it, whether it was successful, and if not, why not.

Jeff and I will review all comments and incorporate insights and stories from our readers into each chapter, then post that chapter to the website as a “finished chapter”.  Over time we’ll finish all the chapters in “the book”.  We may decide to publish it electronically or in print – or leave all the content on the BigFastGrowth website.  The point is, CEOs will have the knowledge and information they need to choose their go-to-market strategy months – perhaps years – earlier than if we wrote and published a “traditional” book.

We hope you are as excited about our “interactive book” as we are.  If so check it out: www.BigFastGrowth.com and post a comment, ask a question, or send us an e-mail with a link to a video that you’ve posted on YouTube! We look forward to writing this book with you!