International Growth Expert to Address Innovate SA

Back by popular demand, Innovate SA today welcomed US-based international business growth expert, Dr Jana Matthews to Adelaide to present The Unlocking Growth Potential Workshop.

SA companies including The People’s Republic of Animation, 2Moro Mobile and Scan Optics were among the chosen few who took part in the day-long workshop covering the ‘Three Stages of Growth’ that every successful company experiences.

As founder and CEO of the Jana Matthews Group in Boulder Colorado, USA, Jana explored the six elements of an ‘awesome organization’ and assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the businesses involved.

Companies learned about using past pitfalls to their advantage and how to identify future roadblocks likely to be faced as they move through various stages of growth.

According to Innovate SA Chief Executive, Greg Boundy, facilitating this type of ‘knowledge transfer’ by bringing internationally recognized presenters to Australia is great for the development of business and entrepreneurs in our state.

“Dr Matthews works with corporate executives around the world to ‘unlock the growth potential’ of their companies,” Greg says.

“Innovate SA is pleased to once again offer our clients the opportunity to develop their business skills by learning from internationally recognized business experts.

“Dr Matthews brings with her a wealth of knowledge that can be passed on to the SA businesses taking part to help them grow their companies both for Australian markets as well as further abroad.”

The founder of three companies, Jana is also an accomplished author and holds a doctorate in management and planning from Harvard.

To find out more about the entrepreneurial skill development programs on offer at Innovate SA and how we can help grow your business,visit www.innovatesa.com.au.