The www.bigfastgrowth.com Book Is Being Written

After months of planning, website designing and writing, we finally launched our on-line project to write a book WITH OUR READERS. WE’RE POSTING CONTENT AND ASKING YOU TO SHARE STORIES AND LESSONS LEARNED.  Our goal is to help companies get smarter about choosing the right go-to-market strategies for their product or service. Jeff Katz and I’ve seen so many companies waste money on strategies that actually slowed their growth.  This book will help you decide which strategies are right for your product or service - so you can achieve “Big Fast Growth”!

Bill Obermeier (www.abrandnewidea.com) and Daniel Feld, Lindsay Ternes, Kevin Menzie, and Jeff Rodenski of Slice of Lime (www.sliceoflime.com) did a great job listening to what I wanted to do, then designing a website that brought my vision into reality.

When it was ready, we sent e-mail announcements to almost 1,000 people all over the world.  I was amazed at the numbers of friends and colleagues who responded – from India, China, Australia, Nigeria, UK, New Zealand – and the USA. They all thought it was a fabulous idea and hoped it would be a success.

Whether or not it is, depends on whether THEY (and YOU) GO – and tell others to go  – to www.bigfastgrowth.com and comment on the current section that’s posted!

So click on www.bigfastgrowth.com, watch the video of Jeff Katz and me talking about the book, then click on the START HERE button, read the section we have posted, and add your stories and lessons learned.

We’ll be posting a new section each week.  At the end of the month I’ll take all the lessons and stories, the four sections we posted, weave them into a brand new chapter, and post that under “Chapters”!  So make it a habit to check in once a week, read the new post, add a comment or a story, and share your insights.

PS – if it’s too gory, you can send it to me in a private e-mail. But join the fun and help write this book.